About Me

Hi, my name is Daniela

alias Danny Cooper, 28 yo, visual communication designer


I am a Visual Communication Designer who has finished a Bachelor degree in Visual Merchandising Design after a year of Visual Arts, a CFC of Polydesigner 3D and a diploma in Communication and Publicity. During my studies at the Professionnal Centre of Applied Arts in Vevey, I had work in partnerships for brands like International Olympic Comitee, UNESCO, Heidi.com or Vidy’s Theatre. I am able to work on many projects as commercial, industrial or graphic design according to the market’s needs and the tendencies. I also produce diverse freelance projects in video or graphic design. Dedicated to arts, visual and media, I always strives to improve my skills in developing the futur of the visual field like the new technologies. I am currently working for the World VR Forum agency, a Swiss organization dedicated to advancing the virtual, augmented and mixed reality industries, based in Geneva.